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Troy Narayan

E World Holdings


Troy Narayan is a director at E World Holdings and is currently based in Malaysia.


Troy Narayan is the director of E World Holdings, a property investment firm based in Malaysia, with affairs in Venezuela.


Troy Narayan, the owner of E World Holdings, runs the company with Shiva Narayan. Together, both Troy and Shiva Narayan specialize in investments, development, brokerage services, and property and asset management. Troy Narayan offers guidance and expertise to both individual and commercial real estate properties, exhibiting a wealth of knowledge among big and small investors.


Troy Narayan and the E World Holdings team are detailed in managing their investments, and are committed to providing exceptional service to each client. Together, the team manages the strategic direction of a portfolio of investments, both on an individual basis and a portfolio basis. In order to deliver superior return, Troy Narayan evaluates each property from a real estate and capital market perspective to maximize the overall value. Both Shiva and Troy Narayan evaluate the real estate market on a regular basis to build long-term wealth.


Troy Narayan has works to transform undeveloped land and distressed properties all across the world into promising, sustainable assets to the surrounding community. Troy works to purchase, maintain, and sell real estate in order to acquire profit for his clients. As the Director of E World Holdings, Troy analyzes and assesses the damage of several properties in the surrounding area and works to rehabilitate properties. He is responsible for bookkeeping, receipts management, invoice management, cash flow management, financial statements preparation (income statements, P/L statements, etc.) and eventual tax document preparation to hand off to accountants.


Today, Troy remains immersed in the latest real estate and architectural trends and developments. He operates from a position of financial strength and converts surplus cash flow into real estate investments that compound income and returns. He hopes to continue to shape E World Holdings into a world renowned property investment firm.