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A home purchase is a happy moment, and the perfect house has all amenities and features desired. Stop overjoyed emotions from making a hasty decision. Dig deeper to make certain the home isn’t a lemon in disguise.

Bad Odors

A clean house should be odor free. If an odor occurs, check the wastebasket to ensure it is empty. If the odor didn’t come from the wastebasket, the scent could be pet odor, smoke, a wet scent, or mildew. Likewise, good odor overkill is a sign of bad odors, too. The smell of cookies plus reed diffusers plus air freshener equals odor masking. A good smelling home doesn’t need that much scent.

Structural Problems

Foundation failure is a terrible home condition that is fixable. The problem is the buyer shouldn’t pay for structural damage on top of paying for the house. If foundation problems exist, there would be visible cracks in walls, uneven floors, sloped landscaping, and hard-to-close doors and windows.

Electrical Problems

Discovering an electrical problem requires a trained eye for detail. If the light flickers when it’s on, potential electrical problems exist within. Electrical problems exist if the outlet faceplate is hot. View the outlet to see if the plug-in is two-prong or three-prong. Two-prong outlets are more likely to cause fires, electrical shortage, electrical shock, and breaker tripping than three-prong outlets. Two-prong outlets originate in older homes as newer homes have three-prong outlets.


A clean, empty house shouldn’t have a roach, ant, beetle, termite, rat, or wasp infestation. Check the interior and exterior for chewed up wood and wires. Search for uncovered holes, a wasp’s nest, anthills, mousetraps, and similar items. Homes with unresolved pest problems become the next homeowner’s problem.

Neighborhood Appearance

If the home is in good condition, it’s time to stop house hunting and start neighborhood hunting. Find for sale houses, foreclosed homes, boarded homes, vandalized buildings, and graffiti. Those signs indicate crime or something else entirely, so don’t purchase a home with any of these conditions.

Don’t rely on sellers or agents to relay important details about the home. It’s up to the buyer to investigate the home thoroughly, so get those investigative instincts going. A home is an investment, so make certain the investment is worth every penny. In addition, hire a home inspector to inspect the home for additional complications.